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A Lifetime In Magnetism And Superconductivity: A Tribute To Professor David Shoenberg 
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2012 300pp Hbk

Edited by G.Lonzarich, S.S.Saxena, University of Cambridge, V.A.Sirenko, V.V.Eremenko , Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Kharkov, Ukraine.

This multiauthor volume in honour of Professor David Shoenberg, University of Cambridge reviews his publications, achievements and outstanding contribution to low temperature physics, and provides a useful source of reference for postgraduate students and researchers. Contents include:

Novel metallic states at low temperatures: S.E.Rowley, R.P.Smith, N.Marcano, M.P.M.Dean, A.Kusmartseva, L.J.Spalek, E.C.T.O’Farrell, D.A.Tompsett, M.L.Sutherland, P.L.Alireza, C.Ko, C.Liu, E.Pugh, S.S.Saxena and G.G.Lonzarich.

David Shoenberg and the beauty of quantum oscillations: V.M.Pudalov

De-Haas-van-Alphen effect in 2D systems: Applications to mono- and bilayer graphene: I.A.Luk’yanchuk

Diamagnetism of layered organic conductors: O.V.Kirichenko and V.G.Peshchansky

Quantum interference effects in a system of two tunnel point-contacts in the presence of single scatterer: simulation of a double-tip STM experiment: N.V.Khotkevych, Yu.A.Kolesnichenko and J.M. van Ruitenbeek

Anomalous resistivity and superconductivity in the two-band Hubbard model with one narrow band: M.Yu.Kagan and V.V.Valkov

Magnetic and superconducting properties of FeSe1-x Tex: A.V. Fedorchenko, G.E.Grechnev, V.A.Desnenko, A.S.Panfilov, S.L.Gnatchenko, V.V.Tsurkan, J.Deisenhofer, H-A. Krug von Nidda, A.Loidl, D.A.Chareev, O.S.Volkova and A.N.Vasiliev

Microwave-induced magnetooscillations and absolute negative conductivity in the multisubband two-dimensional electron system on liquid helium: Ya.P.Monarkha


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