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Edited by I.M.Khalatnikov


Physics Reviews reports significant developments in physics research from the former Soviet Union. The journal publishes papers by eminent authors and is of particular interest to postgraduate and research scientists who do not read Russian.


Ordering information: Physics Reviews is a journal. Each volume consists of an irregular number of issues, depending on the extent. Issues are available individually (see following details) as well as by subscription. For subscription information click on Journals.

Collision Processes Involving Highly Excited Atoms and Neutral Particles 
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Pb        304pp       2004


P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia


This volume presents a current review of knowledge on elementary collision processes of highly excited atoms and neutral particles. It provides the basic physical approaches and theoretical techniques for the description of a broad class of observed collision phenomena  in gases and low temperature plasmas involving Rydberg atoms. The author considers different mechanisms of inelastic and quasielastic collisions with a change in the principal and orbital quantum numbers, transitions between the fine-structure components, direct and associative ionisation, ion-pair formation and electron-ion recombination processes.


Kinetic Phenomena in Metallic Multilayers 
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Pb        113pp      2004

L.V.Dekhtyaruk, Kharkov State University

Yu.A.Kolesnichenko and V.G.Peschansky,

Institute for Low Temperature, Kharkov,Ukraine

This review describes a series of kinetic phenomena in metallic multilayers.

The kinetic properties of multilayers differ from the properties of both massive metals and thin films


Atom Vibrations in Solids: Amplitudes and Frequencies 
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Pb        162pp       2004

V.V.Levitin, Zaporozhye State Technical University, Ukraine


Many properties of solids are related to crystal lattice oscillations and this phenomonen is of theoretical and practical significance. This review describes experimental investigations of heat atom vibrations and associated data including specific physical values which have been measured directly and also the methods for X-ray measurements of the mean-square atom displacements


Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal Effect 
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218pp Pbk  2005

A.I. Akhiezer, N.F.Shul’ga and S.P.Fomin, Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, Ukraine


This review considers various aspects of the theory of radiation of relativistic particles which is of interest to theorists and to experimental physicists. The authors introduce the problem of electron radiation in a given field of a separate atom and then study the influence of multiple scattering of a particle on the radiation. The authors also introduce the Landau Pomeranchuk effect (1953) consisting of the reduction of probability of radiation of the relativistic electron in an amorphous medium and consider in detail the contribution of the fundamental work by Migdal in 1954 and 1956.  These methods have been developed significantly and the review describes the current applications.


Polarization and Interference Effects in Radiation Processes  
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Pbk     200pp     2006

V.A.Astapenko, Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology, Russia

This review presents results of recent investigations concerning the polarization and interference effects that arise in radiation processes such as bremsstrahlung on tagets with electron core, photo-effects in bichromatic electromagnetic field, femtosecond photon echo in nanocrystals and in associated phenomena.


Magnetic & Magnetoelastic Properties of Antiferromagnets and superconductors 
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2008 312pp  Pbk


V. V. Eremenko and V. A. Sirenko, Institute forLow Temperature Physics, Kharkov, Ukraine

Magnetic and magnetoelastic properties of antiferromagnets and superconductors in the vicinity of phase transitions induced by a magnetic field are considered. At these conditions inhomogeneous states appear in antiferromagnets, similar to either intermediate state type I superconductors or the mixed one in type II superconductors. The authors discuss the measurements for simple representatives of antiferromagnets and superconductors such as the transition metal based uni-axial two-sublattice antiferromagnetic insulator and superconducting dichalcogenide 2H-NbSe2, which revealed quantum oscillations of magnetostriction and its peculiarities in a peak effect regime. This book is intended for postgraduates and researchers in magnetic properties of strongly correlated electronic systems and for students of applied physics.


Physical Principles of Biological Motion: Role of Hydrogen Bonds 
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2010 250pp  Pbk


S. V. Bespalova, Donetsk National University, Ukraine and V. G. Bar’yakhtar, Institute of Magnetism, Kiev, Ukraine

This review considers the physical mechanism of mechanochemical processes in living organisms, based on the determining role of excited hydrogen bonds in biological molecules in stimulation of muscle contraction and other biological motions. The review consists of two parts. The first part presents known facts on biomolecules, energy transmission mechanisms and experimentally established regularities. The second part is a detailed exposition of authors’ results on the physical mechanisms of muscle contraction due to excited state – normal state transitions and inverse transitions. The problems are interdisciplinary, involving aspects of physics, biology, biochemistry and all natural sciences


The Inverse Scattering Problem and Instanton Construction by Algebraic Geometry 
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2011 80pp  Pbk


A.A. Belavin, L.D.Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow

This classic paper was first published in Soviet Scientific Reviews in 1979; Professor A.A.Belavin is one of the originators of instanton theory and the paper provides a clear summary of an important subject with some significant insights. More than thirty years later, instantons continue to be of interest and the timely republication of this classic paper provides an accessible reference text for students and researchers. Recently, L.F.Alday, D.Gaiotto and Y.Tachikawa proposed the striking relation between 2-conformal field theory and N=2 SUSY d=4 QCD confirms the current increasing interest in instantons and highlights the importance and contribution of the fundamental work.

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