Volume Three: Dynamics of Compressible Viscous Fluid

Volume Three: Dynamics of Compressible Viscous Fluid

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A. N. Guz Institute of Mechanics, Kiev, Ukraine

Dynamics of Compressible Viscous Fluid is the first monograph applied to the theory of small vibrations (motions) of rigid and elastic bodies in compressible viscous fluid.

2009      Hbk      ISBN: 978-1-904868-61-3      400pp


The volume also develops the methods of analysis based on the proposed general solutions of linearized Navier-Stokes equations in vector or scalar forms and considers the following problems:

  • forced harmonic vibrations and nonstationary motions of rigid bodies in moving and at rest compressible viscous fluid
  • dynamics of rigid bodies in at rest compressible fluid under the action of radiation forces from the interaction with acoustic harmonic waves
  • wave propagation in elastic bodies with initial (residual) stresses and in thin-walled elastic cylindrical shell interacting with a compressible viscous fluid

The volume provides a useful reference text for postgraduates and researchers in applied engineering particularly wave dynamics, continuum mechanics and fluid mechanics.


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