Volume Two: Physics of Accretion Disks

Volume Two: Physics of Accretion Disks

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Volume 2 in the Advances of Astronomy and Astrophysics Book Series Edited by V.Gurzadyan, S.Inagaki, G,Meylan

Advection, Radiation and Magnetic Fields

S.Kato, S.Inagaki, S.Mineshige, Kyoto University, Japan

J.Fukue, Osaka-Kyoiku University, Japan

1996         Hbk         ISBN: 90-5699-016-0           332pp



  1. Advection Dominated Accretion Disks Overview
  2. Advection Dominated Disks: Some basic properties and processes
  3. Advection Dominated Disks: Relations to Observations
  4. Cataclysmic Variables
  5. X-Ray Binaries
  6. Interaction of Radiation and Matter
  7. Self Gravitating Disks
  8. Turbulence, Viscosity and Magnetic Fields


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