Wave Diffraction By Periodic Multilayer Structures (First Edition)

Wave Diffraction By Periodic Multilayer Structures (First Edition)

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L. M. Lytvynenko and S. L. Prosvirnin Institute of Radioastronomy, Kharkov, Ukraine

This volume offers a new approach to constructing the theory of electromagnetic wave interaction (Propagation and Scattering) with periodic sequences of screens.

2012      Hbk       ISBN: 978-1-904868-75-0       164pp


The crucial point of the method is an embedding of reflection operator of semi-infinite layered complex structure into the theory of wave scattering. This new technique is applied to the solution of electromagnetic wave scattering by different kinds of periodic structures and includes the investigation of the diffractional properties of multi-layer sequences of two-dimensional periodic plane screens. The volume provides a useful reference for radio-physicists and radio-engineers and for researchers working in areas of applied physics including acoustics, aero- and hydrodynamics.


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