Volume Three: Celestial Dynamics at High Eccentricities

Volume Three: Celestial Dynamics at High Eccentricities

£ 59.00

Volume 3 in the Advances of Astronomy and Astrophysics Book Series Edited by V.Gurzadyan, S.Inagaki, G,Meylan

Victor A.Brumberg and Eugene V.Brumberg

Institute of Applied Astronomy, Russia

1999         Hbk       ISBN: 90-5699-212-0        212pp



  1. Elliptic Anomaly in the Two-Body Problem
  2. Elliptic Anomaly in Perturbed Motion
  3. Linear Theory of Motion for Highly Eccentric Artificial Satellites
  4. Theory of Motion of Asteroids in Highly Eccentric Non-Intersecting Orbits
  5. Theory of Motion of the Objects in Orbits Intersecting in Projection
  6. Comparison Formulae


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