Physical Principles of Biological Motion: Role of Hydrogen Bonds

Physical Principles of Biological Motion: Role of Hydrogen Bonds

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S. V. Bespalova, Donetsk National University, Ukraine and V. G. Bar’yakhtar, Institute of Magnetism, Kiev, Ukraine

This review considers the physical mechanism of mechanochemical processes in living organisms, based on the determining role of excited hydrogen bonds in biological molecules in stimulation of muscle contraction and other biological motions.

2010     Pbk    ISBN: 978-1-904868-97-2       250pp


The review consists of two parts. The first part presents known facts on biomolecules, energy transmission mechanisms and experimentally established regularities. The second part is a detailed exposition of authors’ results on the physical mechanisms of muscle contraction due to excited state – normal state transitions and inverse transitions. The problems are interdisciplinary, involving aspects of physics, biology, biochemistry and all natural sciences


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