Volume One: Regions of Attraction and Applications to Control Theory

Volume One: Regions of Attraction and Applications to Control Theory

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S. Balint, L. Braescu and E. Kaslik Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, West University of Timisoara, Romania

Regions of attraction are important not only for mathematics but also for the control of dynamics in mechanics, thermodynamics, electronics, chemistry and biology

2008     Hbk     ISBN: 978-1-904868-59-0     216pp


Real systems in general are built so that for a given external input (control) they exhibit one (or several) equilibrium states. The transfer from a steady state to another steady state is made by changing the values of the control parameters (inputs). It is known in engineering applications that large transfers may not be possible by a singe change but if the change is made in small steps the transfer can be successful. The mathematical explanation is that be small successive changes the system is conducted through the regions of attraction of asymptomatically stable steady states to the desired steady state.


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