Volume Seven: Nonlinear Mathematical Models of Phase-Locked Loops

Volume Seven: Nonlinear Mathematical Models of Phase-Locked Loops

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A. A. Martynyuk, Institute of Mechanics, Kiev, Ukraine

P. Bome, Ecole Cetrale de Lille, Lille, France C. Cruz-Hernandez, CICESE, San Diego, CA< USA

Although phase-locked loop is inherently a non0linear system, in modern literature and publications of the analysis of PLL-based circuits, the main direction is simplified linear models, linear analysis, and simulation

2014      Hbk      ISBN: 978-1-908106-38-4   234pp


At the same time it is known that simplified analysis lead to wrong conclusion on stability and the standard numerical simulation may not allow us to detect undesired hidden oscillations in nonlinear control systems. In this volume the authors construct adequate nonlinear mathematical models of various analogue PLL-based systems and apply effective numerical and analytical method for their study

Special modifications of classical absolute stability criteria for pendulum-like systems are developed and their applications for non-linear analysis and design of PLL-based system are demonstrated


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